Garda duvet cover

Garda duvet cover

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Under the incredibly soft Garda satin cotton cover, you'll wake up feeling amazingly refreshed and well-rested. The broad stonewashed linen stripe adds a natural touch to the top layer. Available in five classic shades: white, off black, marble, army and taupe.


 Please note, you can choose between duvet covers with and without pillowcases.

  • satin cotton 300 tc with a linen stripe of 100% washed linen, 168 gsm
  • five attractive trendy colours
  • 40 cm straight tuck-in flap
  • does not need to be ironed
  • ISO and OEKO-TEX
  • comfy, ultra-soft cotton satin

When it comes to satin, many people think of the shiny, cheaper fabric. However, this is synthetic satin and utterly incomparable to cotton satin. Satin cotton appeals to a large group of people because it is so incredibly soft. So, once you belong to this group, you will never want anything else! Tutu Dors selects only the finest satin cotton, with a minimum thread count of 300. This means that 300 threads per square inch are used in weaving the fabric. The higher the thread count, the finer the threads, the softer the fabric will feel. Often the models made of satin cotton have a more classical appeal.

We are often asked why we offer a number of duvet covers which have a cotton satin underside. A lot of real linen lovers don't understand this, because some of the beneficial properties of linen are lost as a result. We don't dispute this, but nevertheless, there is a huge group of people who fall in love with the look of the tough, slightly wrinkly linen, but still prefer to sleep underneath comfy, ultra-soft cotton satin. The pure look of linen and the ultimate softness of cotton satin - the best of both worlds for lots of people!


LAUNDRY ADVICE We recommend that you wash our products at a maximum temperature of 40°C. Do not use too much laundry detergent and preferably a liquid one without bleach. Do not overload the washing machine, as this can cause fibres to degrade. We also recommend removing laundry from the washing machine immediately after this has been washed. Ideally, the products should be dried in outdoor air and then dried briefly in a tumble dryer when they are almost dry. This makes the bedding feel softer and less creased. Most of our products will not need to be ironed afterwards. Washed linen, in particular, is supposed to be slightly creased, which means there is no need for ironing. Although this is fine too, of course. If you prefer to dry them in the tumble dryer, do this at a low temperature. Lastly; always wash duvet covers, pillowcases and decorative pillow covers inside-out, then you will be able to enjoy them for a lot longer!