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In our exclusive castle showroom in Burcht, we offer you the opportunity to choose the type & color of your boxspring; to test the quality of your mattress & to discover the sublime comfort


I ordered 2 Tutu Dors pillows 2 weeks ago. Wow best buy ever! I had head and neck pain, almost every day for a year and already after the first night on the Tutu Dors pillow I woke up blisfully! So I want to thank you for the amazing pillows you produce

Ina Van Frausum

I have been super enthusiastic about the Tutu Dors pillow for over 2 weeks. I never want another pillow anymore. Will this pillow stay in the collection? I hope so! In memory of your grandfather, by this way he remains in the present <3

Lisa V.

For a long time I hesitated to buy the Tutu Dors pillow. In the end I took the plunge and now I regret having been in doubt for so long! It arrived yesterday and I slept through the night for the first time since my major back surgery 3 weeks ago! LOVELY pillow!

Catherine P.


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