Honeybee pillow refill

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The Tutu Dors Honeybee Pillow Refill: Tailored Thickness for Personalized Comfort

Discover the ultimate solution for customizing your pillow's thickness with our Honeybee pillow refill. Achieve your desired level of plushness by adding or removing wadding, ensuring your pillow is perfectly tailored to your individual sleeping preferences. This refill offers extra support and comfort for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

  • Easy Adjustable Thickness: Tailor the thickness of your pillow to your exact preference by effortlessly adding or removing wadding, ensuring a personalized sleep experience every night. Adjust the nano fiber refill to support broader shoulders and ensure personalized comfort for both of you.

  • Weight: This package weighs approximately 200 grams (to add a portion up to your preference of hardness/size to the original 500 grams in the inner pillow of the Honeybee pillow).

Upgrade your sleeping experience with the Tutu Dors Honeybee Pillow Refill, where customizable comfort meets uncompromising quality.