Honeybee pillow 50X60 - SALE

Honeybee pillow 50X60 - SALE

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Introducing the Tutu Dors Honeybee Pillow: Customizable Comfort for Your Ideal Night's Sleep

Discover the perfect blend of ventilation, support, and adjustability with our Honeybee pillow. Tailor the thickness to your liking by removing the wadding, ensuring optimal sleeping comfort with the plush memory foam. The unique honeycomb technology allows for excellent ventilation, promoting a restful night's sleep.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Thickness: Customize the thickness by easily removing the wadding, ensuring the pillow suits your personal preference for the perfect night's rest.

  • Optimal Comfort with Soft Memory Foam: Experience the balance between softness and support, thanks to the gentle memory foam designed for supreme comfort.

  • Ventilation through Honeycomb Technology: The honeycomb structure of the memory foam not only provides superior comfort but also optimizes airflow, promoting ventilation for a refreshing sleep experience.

  • Dual-sided Cover for Every Season: The pillowcase features a thoughtful design with one side made of Percale cotton, perfect for the summer, and the other side made of Tencel (recycled viscose from tree bark), ideal for the winter.

  • Eco-friendly Materials: Committed to sustainability, we used the finest materials with excellent ecological properties, ensuring respect for nature in every aspect.

  • Easy Maintenance: The pillowcase is conveniently washable at 40°C, with a side zipper.

  • Customizable for Individual and Partner Comfort: Adjust the pillow to your liking with a zipper in the inner cover, enabling you to remove or add wadding based on your preferences. Share the comfort with your partner by tailoring the pillow to accommodate broader shoulders.

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