Splittopper Visco - SALE

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  • Split topper for an electric bed 6 cm thick
  • Visco memory foam, takes the shape of the body
  • Soft lying comfort
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • Also available as a whole topper for a fixed bed

 A good topper / mattress topper is really the ultimate for your sleeping system. In addition to sleeping wonderfully and relaxed, it provides extra comfort.

In addition, a topper is also the ideal product to place on 2 separate mattresses. This way you get the feeling of having 1 whole, but you enjoy the benefits that 2 separate mattresses offer.

At Tutu Dors we supply a regular topper (from 1 piece) and split topper.
A split topper is a topper that you can put on an electric box spring. It has an extra cut (split) at the head end and is ideal for operating the head end up and down with an electrical system.

We also offer special fitted sheets for this system.

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