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A good night of sleep is crucial to start the day well.


  • Top layer of 3cm ultrasoft foam
  • Pressure-relieving intermediate layer of 3cm visco-elastic foam
  • Supporting layer of 14cm comfort foam profiled in 5 zones
  • The cover is an elastic double cloth cover, smooth, not quilted, detachable by means of a zipper
  • 4 sides zipper bottom in anti-slip
  • In a flexible and sturdy design
  • Height 20cm

    This mattress comes rolled up, to minimise transportation costs.
    It’s easily transportable, so you’ll never have to struggle with moving a mattress. However, more importantly, these mattresses offer optimum comfort and exceptional support. They will be delivered directly to your house for a low transport fee.

    The mattresses we propose are all produced in Belgium.

    • Best price
    • Home delivery 
    • Belgian products and after-sales service always available in Antwerp

    Schedule a visit to our showroom to try out and assess the quality, as well as determine your preferences.