Mattress Cosmopolitan  - SALE

Mattress Cosmopolitan - SALE

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Cosmopolitan is a fantastic quality/price mattress.

This mattress is perfect for the doubter. Do you prefer to sleep hard? Or rather softer?

Are you afraid of making the wrong choice of mattress?

THIS mattress is the ideal solution for you:

Cosmopolitan has a harder side made of cold foam, this side feels fresh and is therefore also ideal for sleeping on earlier in the summer.
The other side consists of memory foam (visco), this foam takes the shape of the body and is also slightly softer. Memory foam has the property that it will feel slightly warmer, so it is ideal for sleeping on in the winter.

Between both sides there are 7 zones of pocket springs (300 springs / m2)

The breathable sides of the mattresses provide extra good ventilation.


  • Thermally hardened pocket springs
  • 7 ergonomic comfort zones
  • 1 side memory foam: medium comfort and warm, ideal in wintertime
  • 1 side cold foam: firm lying comfort and fresh, ideal in summertime
  • 3D ventilation border
  • Thickness 23 cm
  • Weight class up to 130 kg
  • anti-allergic treated

FIRM lying comfort on one side
Medium lying comfort on the other side 


    A good night of sleep is crucial to start the day well.

    The mattresses we propose are all produced in Belgium.

    • Best price
    • Additional mattress lengths and widths available (210 // 220)
    • Free return of your old mattress
    • Home delivery by appointment
    • Belgian products and after-sales service always available in Antwerp

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