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Interior & Ticking :
Core: 14cm Megapur cold foam with shoulder profiling and 7-zone division
Top layer: 2cm hypersoft Floform
Interlayer: 4cm Pulse Latex
Bottom layer: 4cm Visco-elastic foam
Cover: Luxury bi-elastic double cloth cover, 620 g/m², detachable, bottom of climate fiber

Thickness : 24cm

Performance :

Characteristics :

This Allure mattress has not stolen its name. This ultra refined and innovative mattress provides intense sleeping comfort.
This is the new generation of "hybrid" mattresses that combine the advantages of different materials. Made up of various layers, each of which has its own specific function.
Top layer of Floform, a new type of foam that not only regulates temperature, but also has an unprecedented softness and flexibility.
Underneath is a layer of Pulse latex. A durable material, known for excellent body support.
Under that latex layer is a layer of Sensus visco-elastic foam. The foam that follows the contours of your body and provides perfect support.
Finally the Megapur HR. A well-breathing and very stable foam that gives the upper layers and therefore your entire mattress a good basic support.
The bottom gets a very breathable climate fiber finish to better transport perspiration.


  • Wonderful lying comfort
  • Pleasant wind chill
  • Good ventilation
  • Durable quality
  • Hygiene
  • Pleasant body support
  • Cover is machine washable


A good night of sleep is crucial to start the day well.

The mattresses we propose are all produced in Belgium.

• Best price
• Additional mattress lengths and widths available (210 // 220)
• Free return of your old mattress
• Home delivery by appointment
• Belgian products and after-sales service always available in Antwerp

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