Boxspring Madonna Electric - SALE

Boxspring Madonna Electric - SALE

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  • Headboard with buttons, headboard height: 125 cm
    Slightly narrowing of the headboard towards the top, thickness 15 cm at the bottom
  • Available fixed and electric (note, the photo is an electric box spring, has foot bars, a fixed does not)
  • Height excl. feet: 24cm
  • Round plastic leg set in color : Black. Height 10cm
  • Wooden block leg set available in 3 colours: Black, beech or silver. Height 10cm
  • Choose from 23 different colors, fabric or leather look
  • Also available in lengths on 210 and 220 (on request))
  • Delivered to your home
  • Prices excluding mattress


The boxsprings at Tutu Dors are of top quality. With 3 generations of experience within the bedding industry, our family managed to put together the best quality possible.

A boxspring is a frame that consists of a wooden frame that is covered with a fabric or leather look of your choice. There are pocketsprings inside. The top layer (on which the mattress lies) is the mirror of the boxspring. This consists of a white fabric that is breathable and anti-slip. This way, the mattress on top always remains in place and can still ventilate well.

A 2-person boxspring consists of 2 parts + a headboard and/or footboard. You can choose to: place one mattress in 1 piece or 2 separate mattresses with possibly a topper (top mattress) on top.

Boxsprings are fixed (not movable) or electric (with remote control that allows you to put your head and feet up)

A mattress without boxspring support can shorten the life of your chosen mattress.

Want to see, test and contemplate your boxsprings in real life? Make an appointment at our showroom