Bello duvet cover - Sale

Bello duvet cover - Sale

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The Bello duvet cover has a top layer of 100% washed linen and a bottom layer of white satin cotton.

colours white, sand, light grey and a bottom layer of satin cotton in white. The ultimate combination between tough linen and ultra-soft satin cotton.

 Please note, you can choose between duvet covers with and without pillowcases.

  • 100% washed linen
  • 3 attractive trendy colour combo's
  • 40 cm straight tuck-in flap
  • durable, antibacterial, anti-allergic and absorbs moisture better than any other
  • does not need to be ironed
  • ISO and OEKO-TEX
  • washed linen 168 gm2

 100 % washed linen from Europe

Nothing beats the natural allure of pure linen!
This lightly wrinkled fabric lends every bedroom an exclusive, natural and pure ambience. Our linen is processed from the flax plant to the final product here in Europe.  The linen in our collection is up to 3 times more durable than cotton. On top of that, the more often you wash it, the more beautiful and softer it becomes.

We are often asked why we offer a number of duvet covers which have a cotton satin underside. A lot of real linen lovers don't understand this, because some of the beneficial properties of linen are lost as a result. We don't dispute this, but nevertheless, there is a huge group of people who fall in love with the look of the tough, slightly wrinkly linen, but still prefer to sleep underneath comfy, ultra-soft cotton satin. The pure look of linen and the ultimate softness of cotton satin - the best of both worlds for lots of people